10 Photos That Proves That Lupita Nyong’o And Michael B Jordan Will Be Prefect Lovers

Lupita And Michael Jordan have been seen off and on camera proving themselves worthy for each other! 1 min

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Seems like they have been playing the love game.

Yo! Them flirting!

Just so funny cute!

What a hug! Awwn So cute.


Dude did you see that warm hug? 

  1. 1 Waist grabbing

    Wow! you all see that? that’s some public romantic foreplay! LOL You could see the love smile on their faces right?

  2. 2 Arm resting

    See the way the both comfortably show some love? wink! isn’t that beautiful? 

    Lupita resting her right arm behind Micheal Jorban.

  3. 3 Yo!

    Time Magazine

    This is really cute, do you guys feel the connection? so magical!

    Lupita places her hand on Micheal’s thighs and Micheal responds with a smile from the heart. 

  4. 4 Back robbing

    The Grio

    Yeah! the response just after she robbed his thighs! That’s mutual!

  5. 5 Sexy whispering

    Time Magazine

    Seems the actress on Micheal’s right is already lost. LOL. What is she really whispering? maybe she was saying “i love you babe”. Who knows?

  6. 6 Face to face wooing

    Han Myung-gu / Getty Images

    If you read between the lines, you’ll see the love in that photo!

  7. 7 Love hug


    What a passionate hug right? These soon to be couple #wink will be the most romantic of all times!

  8. 8 Same finger signs

    Mehn! This some #couplegoal thing! you can’t tell me no!

    The got the-same finger sign! next will be a matching tatoo!

  9. 9 Kissing #wink

    Instylemagazine / Instagram

    Yo! even the industry is pairing them together for commercials.

  10. 10 Passionate hug

    John Sciulli / Getty

    We’ve seen it all now, do you believe they’ll be perfect for each other? 

    My answer is yes! If they could do this public how about when they’re at private?

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