Elvis Presley Was A Pedophile And Had Girlfriends As Young As 14

Controversial book claims Elvis Presley was a pedophile and had girlfriends as young as 14-years-old.2 min

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A controversial new book claim Elvis Presley was a pedophile and had girlfriends as young as 14 while he was on tour at the age of 22.

 In the book titled "Elvis Presley: A Southern Life", author Joel Williamson claimed the King of Rock and Roll kept a group of three 14-year-old girls with him on tour. 

When Elvis' mother Gladys died in 1958, his craving for companionship in bed became stronger, Williamson claims.

He says in the book: "There had been a river of sex before, now there was a flood". He adds that from 1958 until his death in 1977, he always needed a woman or girl in bed.

 He reportedly had a string of underage women, including his wife Priscilla. Elvis and Priscilla met in Bad Nauheim, Germany, during his army career when she was just 14. On the first night they met, he "made love to her in every way short of penetration. It was as if Priscilla's virginity was another thing that Elvis strangely and sorely needed to maintain", the book claims.

The book also claims there were many episodes written about him "engaging young girls to perform for him by mud wrestling in white panties, spying on couples have sex in one of his Hollywood houses by installing a two-way mirror in a bathroom".  


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