Breakdown Of 10 Things You Should Not Do On A First Date

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The following things has been considered a deal breaker for some, so you better take note of them!

  1. 1 Don’t bring up future commitment plan already

    You are anxious to know if the person is willing to stick around for life, but the first date isn’t the right time! 

    First date is meant to be more casual okay! don’t try to scare with future relationship plan!

  2. 2 Don’t talk about your Ex

    You may think if i don’t talk about my ex now then i probably shouldn’t mention it. 

    You maybe right talking about your Ex in a good or bad way may irritate your date! 

    The right time to talk about your Exs will be on your second date!

  3. 3 Never say shitty stuffs about gender

    In today’s world you not so sure if he is into women, men or animals! LOL Funny right?

    So don’t say shit about sexes yet!

  4. 4 Don’t be yourself yet

    LOL! You got to be yourself you know but not on the first date be a nice gentle person not an over handsy one or too bad yet! Except you wanna loose your date!

    First impression matters my dear!

  5. 5 Consent is sexy. Being overly handsy is not.

    Oh you wanna grab some sexy flesh? yeah! cool.

    Holding hands lit, pecks magical, but butt grabbing? No! May get a one night stand in some case but not a serious relationship afterwards!

  6. 6 Don’t talk too much and forget to listen

    Yeah! I’m being conversational.. to your date you’re being less sensitive!

    You know what! silence could be good it allows you both space for facial interactions.

    A smile is a powerful gesture!

  7. 7 Don’t dress for yourself

    Oh you’re stylish you love sagging your pants!  My dear, dress to impress on your first date.

    When you take out time to dress for your date that’s the first step to compromise into becoming fit for each other!

    No one is perfect but you both can be perfect for each other just by making little sacrifices! Wink.

  8. 8 Gosh! Put your phone down

    You think that’s the best time to text or make calls? If you were not interested in the date then stay home.

    Give your date a chance your Mr smartphone partner can wait at-least he has always been there with you! Hope you don’t marry your smartphone!

    Who knows next generation may engage then marry their smartphones! LOL . anything is possible.

  9. 9 Not a time to be negative

    You can flush that negativity in the toilet before leaving the house!

    The world is already too negative, that’s why you guys wanna come together to create a positive transmission!

    So don’t spoil the mood!

  10. 10 Lastly, Don’t do anything disgusting

    Yeah you know that already! but you were eating and talking at the same time? Gosh don’t do that on the first date, when you guys understand each other better and get free with each other then that’ll be done unconsciously!

    Untill then apply your manners.

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