Funny Reasons Why Some Go To The Gym

Not everyone goes to the gym to workout some just found themselves there for a totally different reason. Just to distract for some! #LOL 1 min

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  1. 1 Gossip

    Not joking! They just go in group to gossip, talk about others instead of building muscles and burning fat. It’s a gym not a bar! Wonder why your woman hasn’t burn her belly fat? yeah because she’s gisting with her friends. LOL

  2. 2 Steal Attention

    The gym happens to be a perfect place to take off your shirt and show off your sexy packs for some feedbacks. Some girls just take the squat game to the next level seducing others.

  3. 3 Get a date

    You need a sexy date right? Yeah! That’s why many hit the gym to scan for a date, let me tell you a short story.  

    I was on a treadmill in the corner, and there were nine empty treadmills between me and the locker room, from where he came. Did he pick any of those treadmills? Nope. He picked the one next to me. Did I mind the attention? Of course not! I’m dating already.

  4. 4 Socialize

    Gym classes like Zumba and yoga are great ways to get fit and meet people. Yeah! chatting done in between breaths and breaks can open doors for friendships and opportunities. “I workout next to a celebrity the other day” that’s an opportunity.

  5. 5 Win things

    Funny right! I know some dudes who go to the gym to gamble in arm wrestling or flex muscles for cash or gifts. Some gyms do giveaways to few customers to promote the gym, some just go to the gym to take advantage of that.

  6. 6 Take photos

    Yeah it’s cool to take photos at the gym, but that shouldn’t be your motivation, you workout just for a second next thing you’re taking a bunch of photos.

  7. 7 Work incentives

    Some companies pay a portion of workers gym membership. Yeah that’s why some go to workout it’s “what my company requires of me”.

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