How To Get Rid Of Scars Like Tribal Marks

Getting rid of tribal marks could be a game changer for some, because unlike acne scars, tribal marks are more difficult to take off with home remedies.1 min

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Though tribal marks are inscribed for beautification but many still feel bad about the scars, see how many feel about tribal marks!

I’m only recommending the following 2 ways to get rid of tribal marks because it works;

  • Natural home remedy
  • Artificial remedy
  1. 1 Natural Home Remedy

    Lot’s of people are saying “aloe Vera, tomato.. could take off tribal marks” we disagree! Though the glycoprotein contents available in aloe Vera can strengthen collagen structures, it can only heal it about 10%.

    So what then can heal it about 60%

    • Lemon juice!

    Why we recommend it

    The vitamin C in lemon helps boost the production of collagen which aids scar repair. Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent which can even out your skin tone fast. It’s also a natural exfoliate! 

    Let’s dive into how it’s done

    All you’ll need is fresh lemon and a cotton pad. 


    1. Wash your face with a mild soap and pat it dry with a towel.
    2. Squeeze out about 2 teaspoon of lemon juice.
    3. Deep the cotton pad into the lemon juice and dab its juice onto the affected areas.
    4. Leave it on for 20 minutes.
    5. Then wash off the lemon juice with a mild cleanser and dry area with clean towel! 

    That’s it!

    Please note: Expect drastic improvements in two months, and remember to carry out the procedure once in two days! Make sure lemon is well preserved, bad lemon won’t work as expected!

  2. 2 Artificial remedy

    I don’t recommend plastic surgery in taking off scars but it sure works 85% of the time if done by an experienced expert!

    I recommend the following;

    • Fillers

    A substance such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, or fat can be used to fill out affected area. Since fillers are eventually absorbed into your skin, you will have to repeat filler injections, usually every few months, depending on the type of product used. There is no downtime for recovery from this treatment.

    • Skin grafting

    With skin grafting, your dermatologist will use a small piece of normal skin to fill in an area of scarred skin. Skin grafts are usually taken from skin behind your ear. This technique works best in deep tribal mark scars! 

    Let’s end this by saying meet an experienced dermatologist, they’ll know exactly what treatment will work best for you!

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