Full Details About The Ethiopian Airline Boeing 737 Crash

157 people aboard an Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed soon after taking off on Sunday morning from Addis Ababa. No survivors!3 min

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What may have caused the crash?

The crash raises serious concerns over the design of the Boeing aircraft and in particular its anti-stall mechanism.

Within the first few minutes after take-off the plane’s vertical speed, the rate of climb or descent, varied dramatically. Its ‘unstable’ vertical speed, according to data from the flight-tracking website flightradar24, went from 2,624 feet per minute to -1216, suggesting the plane rose and fell rapidly in the minutes before it plunged into scrubland. Vertical speed should remain stable – or else increase – after take off.

Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde GebreMariam told reporters the pilot reported technical difficulties after takeoff and asked for clearance to return to Addis Ababa.

He was given clearance to turn back, GebreMariam said, citing the air traffic controllers' record.

The pilot was a senior Ethiopian Airlines pilot who had flown more than 8,000 hours. He had an "excellent flying record," GebreMariam said.

Boeing 737 Max aircraft suspended

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) said local carriers had until 6 pm local time to ground the 96 jets of that model that they operate.

The victims

Passengers killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash came from 35 countries, airline says

Thirty-two(32) Kenyans, 18 Canadians, 9 Ethiopians, 1 Nigerians,2 Rwandans, 8 Americans, 8 Italians and 8 Chinese nationals were among the passengers. 

Seven(7) French and 7 UK nationals were also on board, the spokesman said. 

Nineteen(19) United Nations staff members were among those killed, according to a UN statement. The victims worked for the World Food Programme, the Office of the High Commissioner on Refugees, the International Telecommunications Union, the Food and Agriculture Organization, International Organization for Migration in South Sudan, World Bank and UN Assistance Mission in Somalia, and the UN Office in Nairobi.

Though it's unclear why UN employees were on the plane, the UN Environment Assembly is scheduled to begin Monday in Nairobi.

"My heartfelt condolences to the families and loved ones of all the victims — including our own UN staff — who perished in this tragedy," Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said.

The Ethiopian government expressed its "deepest condolences to the families," the office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tweeted.

The aerospace company said in a press statement that it was "deeply saddened to learn of the passing of the passengers and crew." It added that a "Boeing technical team is prepared to provide technical assistance at the request and under the direction of the US National Transportation Safety Board."

Video showing the panic on the Boeing 737 Max aircraft

Photo and video concerning the incident


Members of the search and rescue mission carry dead bodies at the scene of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 plane crash, near the town of Bishoftu.


Devastated family members of the victims involved in a plane crash at Addis Ababa international airport.


Rescue teams work at the site of the crashed plane, watched by hundreds of bystanders.

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