How People Feel About Tribal Marks

In a world of beautifully made creatures, humans stand out to be more gorgeously defined! The scarification of one’s body to add up beauty raises eye brows.3 min

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To begin with,

What’s Tribal Mark? 

Simply a scarification of one or several body part specifically for identification and beautification.

This act is practiced in many African countries like Nigeria, Congo, Mali, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Egypt etc…

The inscription of this marks are usually during childhood and could be achieved by cutting or burning the skin! Trust me it’s always painful.

Tribal marks may be practiced more in Africa but scarification is a worldwide thing! 

Let me relate a white dude scarification story

Blair McLean had a scar on his hand, instead of plastic surgery or makeup to solve the scar issue, he opted for more scarring – this time, he define the nature and location of scar so it appears beautiful to him.

Scarification is offered in many tattoo and piercing stores across Europe, South America and North America, and has gained popularity in recent years.

It involves a process in which one’s skin is cut or burned to create a inkless tattoo-like scar. Though you may not be familiar with this scarification thing but it has been on for ages!

Back to African tribal marks!

Viral•Africa conducted a little social media survey, we asked our Facebook community ‘what is their take on tribal marks’,  the answers we got is worth sharing. 

Let’s dive in;

  1. 1 “From my discovery I found out that tribal mark was used by white men in the slave trade to distinguish between the tribes they are selling out In their colonial days and to make sure they are found if any escaped from the camp,so at this current age if you still tatoo tribal mark, you are still making ur self a slave of the colonial days.”

  2. 2 “Tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. You see this tribal thing, i don't agree it beautification because it’s without the child's consent, the child was born growing up realizing he's got a horrific looking marks on his cheeks, it could make the child different among his friends, feeling embarrassed, rejected, not having to say what's up with him or her. Why can't they just wait until the kid is grown and ask what he or she feels about it???...... It could be for identification, you could see the difference in the picture above, one could easily say of which household or tribe he or she is from....... This thing we are talking about is already a part of them and it could be changed if only there's a law against it......”

  3. 3 “Oh come on! This is ancient tradition, who practice such in this 21th century? Is more like disfiguring one's beauty with serious pains. Though it’s tradition and I respect that fact but it has to be stopped. This is frightening, horrific and appalling.”

  4. 4 “I am a victim of tribal mark. I speak very well but in any social gathering I feel stigmatized.”

  5. 5 “It nonsense I don't believe in such this has to stop”

  6. 6 “I think there should put an end to this, I heard it's a mode of identification in the olden days so I don't think there is any reason of practicing it again.”

  7. 7 “It beautify”

  8. 8 “What's the difference between tattoo and tribal marks Just as we like to see tattoos Do same for tribal marks”

    After reading people’s take on tribal marks do you agree with us that tribal mark shouldn’t be inscribed on a kid who can’t make serious decisions. Lots of grownups have been in deep depression every time they look at the mirror! 

    Don’t worry no more! We’ll show you the best way to take off those marks.

    Read this carefully, How to get rid of tribal marks.

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