7 Things True Love Makes Us Do

This seven things will also tell if he/she loves you, so watch out! 1 min

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True Love is beautiful! An unconditional affection for someone, but most humans suck at it!

  1. 1 Wouldn’t wanna change your personality

    Real love/true love? Is very unconditional and blind. Will accept your imperfections and only try to change the love from lows to highs!

    Change can be achieved without stressing it! 

  2. 2 Create time for yourselves even in tight schedules

    Oh Mr busy! If you truly love her you’ll find yourself in her arms just within your busy schedule. Creating time for each other becomes a normal and natural phenomenon!

  3. 3 Always wanna be with your lover

    Oh you love partying?

    Or maybe you love sitting out gazing at the stars alone?

    You won’t even realize that you ain’t doing them again expect with your lover, spending time with your lover is all you wanna do!

  4. 4 Wanna be part of her/his life

    Yeah, you wanna know what’s going on with her and how you can help. You wanna be there for him when he is sober or joyous! You wanna know everything, guess what? it’s normal!

  5. 5 Jealousy

    Not overly jealous! But jealous of things he/she cares about more than you! it’s normal! you just wanna keep him/her to just yourself! True Love is jealous!

  6. 6 Wanna grow and start a family with this person

    Yeah wanna grow and marry this person! Not just be in a romantic relationship now but the urge to wanna build a life time relationship. That’s true love!

  7. 7 True love is loyal

    He is a casanova?

    Oh she bitches around?

    Yeah! but when true love hits them, they just become loyal. Only you the wanna have sex and fun with that’s true love!

You could try this test to know if he/she is the one for you?

True love comes just at the right time, don’t rush into marriage without Love and loyalty, two very important things in a relationship!

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